Our primary method of communication is EMAIL.  Please make sure we have your up-to-date email address.  


We offer several levels of classes for students to advance in multiple disciplines.  See the schedule and class descriptions for more information. Private lessons can be scheduled when times are available on the schedule.


  • Tuition is due on the first (1st) of each month.
  • There will be a $10.00 late fee added to your account if the balance due is not received by the 5th of each month and an additional $10 late fee on the 20th of the month.
  • A 30 day written notice is required should you withdraw your child from Calera Dance Academy.  Parents are responsible for tuition until the end of the 30 day period.
  • Tuition has been tabulated for the number of classes offered for the year.  Fees are due August through May. August tuition is the only month to be prorated at ½ the regular monthly tuition amount. Absences due to illness can be made up by attending another class.
  Families enrolling more than one child receive a 10% discount off monthly tuition for the second child or more.
Tuition is considered late after the 10th of each month and a $10 late fee will be applied at that time.
For your convenience we offer online payments.  Please visit www.caleradance.com and select “Pay Your Bill Online” option.   There is also a drop box located outside the dance studio’s front door to drop off payments. If the 10th falls over the weekend you may drop it off in the drop box or mail your payment to: PO Box 1533, Calera, AL  35040.  We also take payments before the end of each month for the next month if you wish to pay early. Please ensure the students’ name is on your check or payment envelope. 
For Paypal payments, make sure that your students’ name is in the memo or notes section of your payment.

Payment Plans

We offer payment plans for families that choose to take advantage of them.
The Annual Payment plan includes a 10% discount for the year’s tuition and fees.  All fees must be paid at the time of registration to take advantage of this discount.
The 2 Payment Plan includes a 5% discount and must be paid ½ at registration, ½ on January 4th when classes resume.

*If payment becomes 2 months behind, students will not be allowed to attend class until arrangements have been made.

Costume Fees

There is a costume fee per child per class. This covers the cost of the costume.  It does not cover shoes, tights, or other items needed. The costume fee will be due by October 16, 2017. A $10 late fee will be applied if not paid in full by October 31st. The costume fee for each class will be $50. See Schedule for how many costumes/dances are in your level.

Additional Costume Information

We order costumes in the fall so that they will be in before pictures.  Costume companies do not allow costumes to be returned for a refund.  Therefore, costumes will not be ordered if the fee has not been paid in full by October 31st. Costume fees are non-refundable. If we order a costume later, there will be an extra shipping fee of $30 added plus there is no guarantee the costume will be in before pictures in March.  Students entering dance after the month of October take a risk of not being able to participate in the recital if costumes have been ordered. It will depend on the costume and company it was ordered from. They may still participate in regular classes. Measurements are taken in the fall.  We will get with you if there is a question about what size costume to order for your child.  If there is any doubt, we usually go up a size because it is easier to alter a costume that is too big, than one that is too small.  Costumes are ready made and not custom made.  Parents may have to attach a strap, secure a hat, or make minor adjustments and alterations to costumes.  Calera Dance Academy cannot be responsible for your alterations.

Recital Fee

There is a $75.00 recital fee for families with one child.  For families with more than one student, each additional child receives half off the recital fee ($38).   This is due by January 15, 2018 and a late fee will be added after Jan 31st.  Recital fees are non-refundable.

Other Fees

Returned check fee will be $35.00
Each student is required to sell one (1) ad for the recital program to either a business or a family member. If you buy a ½ page or larger, you will get a free program book.
We accept cash, check, or card at the studio.  Checks should be made payable to Calera Dance Academy or CDA.  You may also go online and visit www.caleradance.com and make an online payment. There will be a $35 fee for returned checks.  If this is a recurring problem, only cash will be accepted. Accounts past due are subject to late fees.  If you have a past due balance you should receive an invoice from us to the email address you gave us at registration.  If you have a balance and haven’t received an invoice please call us or ask the receptionist.  You will still be responsible for your balance. Optional costs during the year include t-shirts, hoodies, DVD, pictures, and recital program.


Regular attendance is strongly recommended to ensure that your child gets the most from this dancing experience.  The techniques and skills taught each week build upon each other, and there often isn’t enough time to go back and reteach previous steps.  If students fail to attend class on a regular basis, they will lack confidence in their routines and dance level.  Tuition is not prorated due to absences or holidays. Please follow the school procedure for illness by being 24 hours symptom free before returning to dance.


Students should wear the appropriate color leotard and tights to each class. Older students may wear jazz pants, however, they need to fit tight around ankle area or be short enough as to not interfere with dancing. All students’ hair should be pulled back in a ponytail (or bun for ballet specifically).  Students with short hair should pull it half up half down.  This will help with distractions during class and will be enforced so that the student can get the most out of their time with us. ***No school clothes (shorts, jeans, etc.)should be worn during class. This will be strictly enforced. 

CDA Dress Code

3-4 & 4-5 Year Old Classes:

Pink Leotard (any style)

Pink Tights

Skirt (optional)

Pink Leather Ballet Shoes

Black Tap/Jazz Shoes

5-6 & Technique Level Classes:

Light Blue Leotard (any style)

Pink Tights

Skirt (optional)

Black jazz pants for that portion of class

Pink Canvas Ballet Shoes

Black Tap Shoes

Nude Jazz Shoes

Intermediate & Advanced Classes

Black Leotard (any style)

Pink Tights

Skirt (optional)

Black Jazz Pants

Black Tap Shoes

Nude Jazz Shoes

Pink Canvas Ballet/Pointe Shoes with crossing elastics

Hip Hop/Tumbling

Jazz pants/shorts

Close fitting top

Nude Jazz shoes

No jewelry

Chewing gum will not be permitted during dance class.

Class Requirements

  • Please make sure students use the restroom before class, especially younger children.
  • Proper class etiquette is a must. Please have the proper attitude about class and any comments your instructor has for you. They are doing so for your benefit!
  • Parents may sit in the waiting area during class.  Our instructors need the students’ full attention during class time with minimal distractions. This includes looking in the windows at the next door space. Many parents use the time to shop or run errands due to parking constraints (see below).
  • We do have designated classes and observation weeks, where parents can observe.  You may take pictures or video your child during this time.
  • Please arrive on time. Older students especially need the proper warm-up and cool-down to protect from injury. If you are more than 15 minutes late, your instructor may ask you to watch class instead of participate.

Private Lessons & Solo/Duet/Trio

Agreement forms for private lessons to perform a Solo, Duet or Trio in the Recital absolutely must be received by Oct 17, 2017.  Please see someone at the desk for a form if you are interested in this opportunity. None can be added after the above deadline.  Private lessons are offered to anyone that is enrolled in the school, age 7 and up, and are required for those who wish to participate in a Solo/Duet/Trio performance at recital (see below for price information).  Students that intend to participate in a Solo/Duet /Trio are REQUIRED to take a minimum of 10 hours of privates from January until May. (Please note, ANY MISSED LESSONS MUST BE MADE UP, unless Okayed by instructor.)
1 Hour                                                                                                  ½ Hour
Solo –$20                                                                                             $10
Duet – $40 ($20 per person)                                                   $20 ($10.00 per person)
Trio – $60($20 per person)                                                        $30 ($10 per person)
  1. By October,a song, style of dance, and a costume should be selected and agreed on by your instructor. Costume fee must be paid in full by Oct 17th.
  2. Payment is due at the time of each lesson.  If payment was not made, it will be charged to your account. You can put payment in the tuition box. Checks for private lessons are to be made out to: Calera Dance Academy. Please make sure you put your dancer’s name, Solo/Duo/Trio,and Instructor’s Name in the ‘for’ line of your check to avoid confusion.
  3. Private lesson fees and monthly tuition should be made as separate transactions (checks, credit cards or cash). Please do not put private lessons and monthly tuition together.
  4. You need to be on time to all private lessons.  If you fail to arrive without proper notice (at least 24 hours), you will be charged for the lesson since the studio space and instructor’s time is valuable.
  5. No refunds (for lessons or costumes) will be given for any private lessons if students choose not to perform.


Please be considerate of our parking constraints.  Due to having more classes going on at one time, we may need to begin parking in the alleyway behind our block.  Be careful when parking on Hwy 31 by trying to get as close to the sidewalk as possible.    

Recital Picture Day Information

Picture day will be a week in March.  A complete schedule will be given in advance.
  • Picture day is like a dress rehearsal.  Make sure you have all pieces ready (shoes, tights, etc.)
  • You will have pictures made in all costumes (classes, solos, etc.)
  • Do not come dressed in your costume.  You will change once you arrive to the studio.
  • If you are absent the week of pictures, you may try to make it up later during that same week. Unfortunately there are no make-up sessions and your child will not be in the class group photo.
  • Please let Mrs. Parker know in advance if you’d like special request pictures made (siblings) so we can plan for the time difference needed in our schedule for that day.
Please remember that picture days are always hectic and we appreciate your patience.  We try our best to schedule enough time between classes; however there are unexpected situations that may arise.  The photographer wants to get the best shot for each child, so that parents will be completely satisfied with their pictures.  We try to keep waiting to a minimum.  In addition, only students and CDA staff are permitted upstairs.   

Program Ad Information

Each year, we put together a souvenir program book for our students’ families for the recital.  Each student that participates in recital is required to sell, at minimum, one ad.  There will be different size ads to choose from.  Ad forms will be available at the studio beginning February 1, 2018 with plenty of time to sell your ad. You may sell as many ads as you would like.  There will be a prize awarded to the student that sells the highest dollar amount of ads. All pictures for the ads will be used from picture week.  Please get with our staff to confirm the pose that you would like to appear in your ad, that we have the correct spelling of your child’s name, and message for the ad.  There are programs from previous years available so you can get an idea of the ad you’re purchasing.  Buying an ad of ½ page or larger gets you a free program.  

Competition Team:

The competition team will be selected by the teacher and/or owner at the auditions in August. Students must be enrolled in more than one class to be considered for the team. They will also decide on the competitions in which the team will compete, any solos, costumes, etc.  If selected, all performances are mandatory.  Please see the Competition Agreement Form for more details on pricing, requirements, etc.

Rehearsal Information

The venue for recital is TBD later this year. Dress rehearsal will be held before the Recital. Please do not wear your costume to rehearsal or recital, change once you arrive.  This is a full dress rehearsal (minus hair and make-up; although, it’s appreciated for other parents videos of rehearsal).  Once your child has finished their practice, you may leave. When you arrive at the venue, come to the seating area and wait for instructions from your instructor.  Please pack your costumes, shoes, accessories, etc. several days before the recital.  Make a checklist of everything you will need.  Check all costumes a few days before to see if you are missing anything.  Shoes are always left at the studio, so PLEASE check the lost and found box by the restroom.

Recital Information

Seating is general admission at the recital.  NO STUDENT will be allowed to save seats for the recital.  There is also no food or drink allowed in the venue. Tickets for the recital will be on sale the weeks prior at the studio and at the door the day of recital.  Families will get 2 tickets to recital with payment of your recital fee. Photography and videography are not allowed during recital.

Recital DVD

We hire an external vendor to film the recital.  DVD price will be determined closer to date.  If you would like to preorder one, please be sure to order on picture day.
Thank you for your interest in Calera Dance Academy! If you have ANY questions throughout the year please do not hesitate to speak to your instructor or contact us!
 * 205-668-7775 • dancecalera@gmail.com