Competition Team Information

Tryouts for Competition Teams will be July 20 from 3-4pm. At tryouts, parents will sign the Competition Agreement Form, which is detailed below, and decide with the teachers if the child will have a solo, duet, or trio in addition to the team dance. We will begin working on solos, duets, and trios after tryouts.


CDA Competition Agreement Form

    1. As part of the competition team, my child will strive to be at any and all rehearsals. Students will also try their best at each practice to contribute to the team. Failure to do so may result in expulsion from the team.
    2. Team members must attend at least one week of summer camp and take at least 2 classes in the fall session. (Preferably ballet and tap/jazz.)
    3. We attend 2 competitions locally each year. The competitions do not send out the schedule in advance. This means families need to be prepared to dedicate 2 weekends to competition team performances. We also use these teams more when we have community events. There will be an option for Solos, Duets, or Trios that would like to compete in a third competition, but that will affect the competition fee seen below.
    4. Competition students will also participate in a solo, duet, or trio in addition to their team competition piece that will be performed at competitions and Spring Recital.  We will begin working on these immediately after tryouts.
    5. The competition fee is $400. This will include entrance fees to the 2 competitions for both teams and solos/duets/trios and team wear (jumpsuit, bag, costumes). This does not include class costumes or privates to choreograph/perfect routines. This fee is due in installments. $75 due upon notification of acceptance. $100 due on the first of September, October, and November. For students that already have a jumpsuit and bag, your amount will be $300. Students needing a jumpsuit but not bag will be $375.
    6. By September, a song, style of dance should be selected and agreed on by your instructor. A costume should be selected and agreed on by your instructor by by the end of October.
    7. Payment is due at the time of each lesson.  If payment was not made, it will be charged to your account. You can put payment in the tuition box. Checks for private lessons are to be made out to: Calera Dance Academy. Please make sure you put your dancer’s name, Solo/Duo/Trio,and Instructor’s Name in the ‘for’ line of your check to avoid confusion. Private lesson fees and monthly tuition should be made as separate transactions (checks, credit cards or cash). Please do not put private lessons and monthly tuition together.
    8. You need to be on time to all private lessons.  If you fail to arrive without proper notice (at least 24 hours), you will be charged for the lesson since the studio space and instructor’s time is valuable.
    9. No refunds (for lessons or costumes) will be given for any competition expenses if students choose not to perform.
    10. Private lessons are offered to anyone that is enrolled in the school, age 7 and up, and are required for those who wish to participate in a competition team and/or Solo/Duet/Trio performance at the  recital.  Students that intend to participate in a Solo/Duet /Trio are REQUIRED to take a minimum of 10 hours of privates from September until May. (Please note, ANY MISSED LESSONS MUST BE MADE UP, unless Okayed by instructor.)


  • Hour                          ½ Hour

Solo – $20  $10

Duet – $40 ($20 per person)                        $20 ($10.00 per person)

Trio – $60($20 per person)         $30 ($10 per person)

I agree to the following terms for _____________________ Team & to perform a solo, duet, or trio in the Spring Recital.


Song: _______________________________________  Type (circle one): SoloDuetTrio

If Duet or Trio, please list other students


Style of Dance:____________________________________________

Instructor:_________________________________________________ (Must get their approval before turning in this form)