Tuition, Classes, and Dress Code

Tuition Schedule

Class Descriptions

Children from the age of 3-6 are placed into classes based on age. These are combination classes where students receive ballet, tap, and jazz instruction, unless otherwise stated. There is an emphasis on rhythm, coordination, and creative expression. A student assistant works with the instructor for these ages.

Above age 7, we place students based on students’ previous training, rather than age. These may be one to two year programs depending on the student’s abilities and work ethic. Technique Levels offer increased study at the barre and center.

Intermediate and Advanced Levels include a study of pointe work. Students will be evaluated for pointe in the Intermediate I & II Levels. At these levels, a placement class will be required for enrollment.

Enrollment in the Teen Level is for students with little to no previous dance training or who are interested in only 1 dance class per week.

Please contact the studio if you have any questions or comments.

CDA Dress Code

3-4 & 4-5 Year Old Classes:

Pink Leotard (any style)

Pink Tights

Skirt (optional)

Pink Leather Ballet Shoes

Black Tap/Jazz Shoes

5-6 & Technique Level Classes:

Light Blue Leotard (any style)

Pink Tights

Skirt (optional)

Black jazz pants for that portion of class

Pink Canvas Ballet Shoes with crossing elastics

Black Tap Shoes

Nude Jazz Shoes

Intermediate & Advanced Classes

Black Leotard (any style)

Pink Tights

Skirt (optional)

Black Jazz Pants

Black Tap Shoes

Nude Jazz Shoes

Pink Canvas Ballet/Pointe Shoes with crossing elastics

Hip Hop/Tumbling

Jazz pants/shorts

Close fitting top

Nude Jazz shoes

No jewelry